Earn as You Scroll: Cheelee Introduces Innovative Features for Content Creators and Users

Cheelee — an innovative SocialFi platform — has revealed new features that enhance user experience and expand opportunities for content monetization.

The smart feed has been updated to better identify user interests. Its algorithms, based on their interactions with content across multiple criteria, continuously improve through AB testing and data analysis. As a result, Cheelee can deliver personalized content and stay abreast of current trends.

Now users can generate income while spending time on the social network and donate to their favorite bloggers. This way, both content creators and viewers get rewards.

One of the key innovations is the advertising dashboard that lets marketers create ad campaigns targeting the CRM model. Thus, advertisers and brands can engage with the social network’s audience more efficiently. Meanwhile, users also benefit from this by monetizing their attention with advertising expenditures.

The Cheelee Wallet release is one more significant step for Cheelee. With its intuitive interface, it fits both beginners and experienced users and helps them enter the world of cryptocurrencies smoothly.

“We make Cheelee a platform where users entertain and get rewarded for their time and attention while advertisers find their audience,” notes Cheelee’s CEO Ruslan Sharov. “We are sure: these new features will help us grow the audience and improve user experience.”

Cheelee confidently moves forward and shapes a format where every user can simultaneously enjoy content and earn.

Location: Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Full Name/ Title: Kristina Mironenko/ Marketing & PR

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Website: https://cheelee.io/

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